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Sr.No Title Action
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E-Portal of Education


E-Book of Mahatma Gandhi
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03 Gandhi Ki Naitikata Download
04 Gandhi Ka Sandesh-1 Download
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Status of availability of Text-books to the students


Made available to all.

Status of meeting of Class-wise Coverage of Syllabus & w.r.t. fixed target for the term as per PAP (Yes/No).

Partially few are lacking to follow the PAP.

Status of Home Assignment, its evaluation & periodicity of supervision.

Satisfactory but frequency must be increased

Status of Conduct of internal tests and Examination

Are being conducted as per norms.

Status of conduct of Remedial & supervised studies

Activity is being conducted as per resources available

Status of formation of  subject Committee(s) & details of meetings conducted during the current session

Committees are formed

Status of implementation of CCE & maintenance of relevant records.

Fairly good

Status of conduct of Internal Examinations, Practicals  at Vidyalaya level and Maintenance of relevant records.

As per norms


JNV Sitapur